Brett Hotel

Fermentations are like toasts, the mixed ones are better

  • Brett Pastry Porter
    Yes, you read it well. That’s right. A Clash of the Titans. A collision of worlds that, theoretically, cannot coexist in the same space. But in this hotel there is room for everything that comes with good intentions. So we set out on this adventure, with the spirit of overcomingContinue reading “Brett Pastry Porter”
  • Fermented Peach Golden Sour
    In this hotel, in addition to the brewing fermentations, we also venture into other fermentations. We haven’t produced penicillin from yeast yet, but with time we will. A lot of bread has already been made (without ever letting it spoil), garlic fermented in honey, sauerkraut, kimchi, onions and we evenContinue reading “Fermented Peach Golden Sour”
  • Tastings and Trials #5
    We’ve been late to his drinking game, but summertime kept us busy, not only drinking. So let’s catch up. It’s time to reap what we sowed. Another round of beers, this time mostly some light stuff (we saved a heavy one for the end) that we enjoyed drinking in thisContinue reading “Tastings and Trials #5”
  • Tmavé Pivo
    What the hell is this now? Are there no good names for a style of beer anymore? Ask the Czechs, they are the ones naming this beer. But hey, the beer is good. Tmavé Pivo is another style of beer from the dark lagers family. It can be said thatContinue reading “Tmavé Pivo”
  • Old School Berliner Weisse
    A few years ago, it was very rare to hear about Berliner Weisses in the world of modern craft beer. The culture surrounding this beer was still on the streets of Berlin, where what Napoleon once called The Champagne of the North, was drunk. Originated in and around Berlin, thereContinue reading “Old School Berliner Weisse”

What we do here at the Brett Hotel

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