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Yes, you read it well. That's right. A Clash of the Titans. A collision of worlds that, theoretically, cannot coexist
In this hotel, in addition to the brewing fermentations, we also venture into other fermentations. We haven't produced penicillin from
We've been late to his drinking game, but summertime kept us busy, not only drinking. So let's catch up. It's
What the hell is this now? Are there no good names for a style of beer anymore? Ask the Czechs,
Time passes and passes quickly, the summer days are gone and almost back and we still haven't written about it.
A few years ago, it was very rare to hear about Berliner Weisses in the world of modern craft beer.
We continue to insist on a truth that we believe in: the grape in Portugal and its combination with beer.
Another round of beers coming out. By this time, some of our projects that require more time to mature start
Faire Attention! A gathering was sighted in this pot, more than 5 microorganisms inoculated in a small closed bucket, high
There are special moments that need to be remembered. Some other moments pass without leaving a mark, or so we