Brett Pastry Porter

Yes, you read it well. That’s right. A Clash of the Titans. A collision of worlds that, theoretically, cannot coexist in the same space. But in this hotel there is room for everything that comes with good intentions. So we set out on this adventure, with the spirit of overcoming whatever difficulties are necessary forContinue reading “Brett Pastry Porter”

Faith and Courage (Imperial Pastry Stout)

There are special moments that need to be remembered. Some other moments pass without leaving a mark, or so we think at least. But, even when there seems to be no follow-up, we take something from it. It all started with a joke, one that went wrong. We never wrote about it, but in ourContinue reading “Faith and Courage (Imperial Pastry Stout)”

American Tropical Kveik & Brett Buckwheat Oatmeal Coffee Stout

I challenge you, can you say the name of this beer 5 times in a row quickly? Not easy right? This beer marks a milestone, the hotel’s debut in Kveik fermented beers. It’s also the first time we have guests, friends in our house, who joined for the evening. As if to say, they cameContinue reading “American Tropical Kveik & Brett Buckwheat Oatmeal Coffee Stout”

Buckwhenator – Buckwheat Doppelbock

Here’s another lager at our Hotel. A Doppelbock, a German-style from the northern region of Einbeck, originated in the 13th century, at which time the beer was made with a third of wheat and was of high fermentation. Later, in the 17th century, it was transformed by the Bavarian monastic rituals into the liquid breadContinue reading “Buckwhenator – Buckwheat Doppelbock”

Golden Grahams Wheatwine Open Fermentation

We continue to stock BigBeers here at the Hotel. This autumn is going to be interesting… Today we approach a style that is a cousin not far from the well-known Barleywine. The Wheatwine style, which was accidentally developed in American craft, shares similarities with its cousin, but obviously includes a generous percentage of wheat inContinue reading “Golden Grahams Wheatwine Open Fermentation”

Old Fashioned Old Ale – Parti-Gyle English Bitter

2 for 1 – packed and ready for a trip. First stop in France to greet our friend Lavoisier, “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed“. It will all make sense, we promise. Now let’s talk about art. Making beer is an art, as much as my mother disagrees. It’s a creative act, the expressionContinue reading “Old Fashioned Old Ale – Parti-Gyle English Bitter”

Blueberry Wine Stout aged in Armanagc Chips

J: So… besides bottling, do we make some beer this weekend?J: Red Sour (us-05 + lacto) com ginger and lavander?P: I was thinking on something more classic: Saison Brett+sacc with lavander.P: Fortunately, we have a third member to break the tie, or fuck the plans even more: DN: Stout 75% yorkshire + 25% LALVIN RC212 (Bourgone) + cognacContinue reading “Blueberry Wine Stout aged in Armanagc Chips”