Cherry Kombucha Red Ale

In this Hotel, the cult around fermentation is stronger than us. Today, we inaugurate a new wing of our Hotel, dedicated to another fermented liquid that we like so much. Kombucha is basically a fermented tea. If in beer we ferment the sugars extracted from the malt, in Kombucha a tea of some variant ofContinue reading “Cherry Kombucha Red Ale”

Witbier Smoked Lemmons

We should be thankful to Pierre Celis for still having Witbiers on the market. As if it was not enough to guarantee the preservation of a beer from the Monks that was in decline, by creating Hoegaarden, he still emigrated to the USA to found Celis Brewery, repeating the success formula on the other sideContinue reading “Witbier Smoked Lemmons”

Patersbier: Honey and Pansies

Hops, used in beer production, are a flower. Pansies are also flowers. This story practically writes itself isn’t it? Continuing the saga of unusual styles, we embarked on another journey through Belgian history. We all know Dubbel, Tripel or Quadrupel, the famous beers produced by monks in monasteries. Without dwelling too much on a monk’sContinue reading “Patersbier: Honey and Pansies”