Tastings and Trials #2

Beautiful milestone, 10 + 1 beers produced, packaged and tasted. It makes you forget, or at least distract, from this strange year that we are living in. Uncomplicated weekends when time stops for us when we explore endless possibilities. Some see the light of day, others stay in our imagination. Another set of tests, confirmations,Continue reading “Tastings and Trials #2”

Old Fashioned Old Ale – Parti-Gyle English Bitter

2 for 1 – packed and ready for a trip. First stop in France to greet our friend Lavoisier, “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed“. It will all make sense, we promise. Now let’s talk about art. Making beer is an art, as much as my mother disagrees. It’s a creative act, the expressionContinue reading “Old Fashioned Old Ale – Parti-Gyle English Bitter”